About Us

    We recommend posting information to your About page for prospective members.  

    You should have received an e-mail with the access link for your new StarChapter service.  You will also see an Admin link at the bottom right corner of any page, including this one.  Once you click on the Admin link, look to the left menu.  Go to Content > Page Content to start working with your pages.

    To update the text that appears here, go first to Page Content and then search for About.  Click on the Content & Layout button for the home page to view the materials.  Each section has an edit link.  Click Edit, make your changes, and click on the Publish button at the bottom when you're done.  

    Where do we go from here?

    Right after logging in to the admin area, you'll land on a Quick Start menu that will walk you through the basics.  You can learn more with our Board Trainings or online documentation, including our video tutorials.  Need extra help?  You'll see a Support Tickets button on the upper right of the admin area after you log in.