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    Educational Opportunities Available


    PayData Workforce Solutions 

    PayData is once again excited to offer this fantastic FREE HR webinar series to our valued clients, with new topics and both 30 and 60 minute sessions to choose from. Be sure to check back often to see what we have in store for 2017, to register for upcoming webinars, and to view the recorded sessions after they take place.

    Upcoming Webinars:


    Non-Exempt Wage & Hour Concerns (60 min.)
    Wednesday, June 7th at 2 pm ET
     To register for this webinar, click here.


    Effective Coaching: Engaging Your Employees (30 min.)
    Wednesday, July 5th at 2 pm ET
    Registration link pending.


    Health Care Reform & the Basics of Benefits (60 min.)
    Wednesday, August 2nd at 1 pm ET
    Registration link pending.


    Leaves of Absence: Navigating the FMLA (30 min.)
    Wednesday, September 6th at 2 pm ET
    Registration link pending.


    PayData Webinar Series


    Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence

    Introducing Our Online Training Series Beginning on June 5th!

     HR Compliance 101 & Payroll Compliance 101 

    Let’s get back to the basics of HR and Payroll Compliance!  

    Designed for beginners or the experienced HR and payroll professionals looking for a refresher, these 4 week courses will start with basic information and move on to tips and best practices on how to stay in compliance.  Register for one, or register for both at the same time!  

    Each webinar series consists of recorded webinars, quizzes, discussion boards and (yes) commitment!  

    You complete the course at your own pace, but within the 4 week time frame. The estimated time for each week is 2 hours. Each week a new section of the course will open up for you to complete and you always have access to the previous weeks materials.  

    These courses will give you the information you need to insure your practices are in compliance with current laws and regulations. The HR and Payroll functions have experienced many changes over these past few years, and it is a hard task to keep up on all those changes. These courses will make sure you are aware of the most recent changes in these areas and show you how to stay on top of any future changes.  

    Course dates: June 5th – June 30th.  (Both series will be available again July 10 - August 4, 2017)  

    • HR Compliance 101 (click link for overview) will cover the topics of:
    • Employee Handbooks
    • Job Descriptions
    • The EEOC’s Laws
    • Hiring and Recruitment
    • The Family and Medical Leave Act
    • The ADA, COBRA, HIPAA and the rest of the Alphabet Soup of HR! 
    • Performance Management


    • Independent Contractors vs Employees
    • New Hire requirements under the law
    • Hours Worked – Meals, Rest Periods, Travel pay!
    • Overtime requirements
    • Fringe Benefit Taxation
    • Garnishments


    Each 4-week course is $239.00. This includes 4 (or more) webinars, resources, instructor guidance and follow up. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the series. HRCI and SHRM credits are pending.

    When you are ready to register for the course(s) – Go to The Hickok & Boardman E-Learning Center

    Choose the Payroll 101 or HR 101 button for the series you wish to register for, at the bottom of that overview page is the Register Button. – you only need your name and email to register to access the center. Once inside the center you will choose the series and continue with the instructions to pay and access the course.

    We also offer several “mini” one time courses – From the home page of the The Hickok & Boardman E-Learning Center– click on Course Catalogues and you will see a list of single courses you may register for. These have an individual price between $10-$20 for most courses (some are FREE!)  They provide recorded webinars, quizzes and certificates of completion. Topics range from HR Compliance to Google Analytics!

     Please contact Brenda Sabin at or 802-488-8713 if you have questions.


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    Useful Links to Outside Resources

    Dept of Labor

    VT Dept of Labor

    The IRS

    VT Dept of Taxes

    DOL - Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

    DOL - Health Care Reform - The Affordable Care Act (ACA)I

    IRS - Health Care Reform - The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    DOL - Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA)

    Social Security Administration

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

    VT Fair Employment Practices Agency (Attorney Generals Office)

    United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS)

    USCIS - I9 Information